About Us

In Super Kid we have transform Learning into Game which makes it fun and interesting for kids.

Parents can assign Reward and points to motivate kids to perform better. Kids can collect points by Building Engineering Projects, Playing Science Quiz,Solving Maths Puzzles and Doing Household task to unlock Reward.Kids develops skills like Creative and innovative thinking,Critical and Cognitive thinking,Problem Solving ,Analytical and Management skills.





Watch and Learn How to Build Engineering Projects on own .

Play and Learn

Watch animated videos to learn Science topics and Play Quiz to Practice.

Maths Puzzle

Play Maths Game and Practice Maths.

To-Do Task

Assign Household task to kids to make them Responsible and Discipline .

Screen shots

Do-It-Yourself Kit

Educational 3 in 1 Doodling Robot Mechanics DIY Kit

14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot DIY Kit

7 in 1 Educathional Solar Space Fleet DIY Kit


Dr. Ashish Tripathi

Great to see smile on kids face when they build stuff on their own.It boost their confidence and gives sense of accomplishment.

Abhijeet Naik

Love this app! Kids can build amazing device like 3d hologram by just using plastic sheet.